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More than a Supplier, a Partner!

At CC-Contract we believe in your ideas, projects and aims. Therefore we work to offer the best products and services in installation, remodeling of hotel interiors, inns or similar spaces. 

May we introduce ourselves as a company capable of giving form to your projects (including “key in hand”), from the implementation of projects developed from the root to the execution of simple remodeling even functioning units. Always with the rigor, confidence and vast experience that only Lusotufo Contract can offer.


CC-Contract – Trade mark of Cayolla & Cayolla for the Contract area

Since the decision of ending the Lusotufo Contract activity was taken,  Cayolla & Cayolla, founder and shareholder of the this company, has created a new trade mark CC Contract, which will make the follow-up of the ongoing contacts and projects  till the 31 December 2010. Founder Partner of Lusotufo Contract and 04Contract, Cayolla & Cayolla has a very good knowhow of the Contract Business. 

Taking the advantage of the professional experience of his founder partner on the textile, furniture and décor business, since 1993 he has been developing the contract activity almost in exclusive. The knowledge began with Contract Partner International (using the know-how received from the Norwegian Partners – Contract Partner – Norway).